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Glucose and Your Gums: A Diabetic’s Guide to Periodontal Disease

It’s common knowledge that diabetes is linked to such medical complications as renal failure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Less common is an understanding of the oral health implications of diabetes, specifically, the increased risk for gum disease. Dr. Thanasi Loukas discusses symptoms and consequences of bleeding gums in Park Ridge, IL and what it means… Read more »

Should you Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Patients who have recently undergone cosmetic dental treatment with a reputable dentist are most likely aware of the marvels modern dentistry can accomplish for a smile. Whether opting for tooth-colored dental fillings, dental implants, dental bonding, or simple whitening, advancements in dentistry have helped many patients enjoy beautiful, natural, healthy looking smiles to replace a… Read more »

Can a Smile Makeover Help Avert a Mid-Life Crisis?

You’ve probably heard of the mid-life crisis. It’s long been a staple in sitcoms and movies, and it’s yet another setback we’ve been told is looming on the horizon. It’s true that there are certain changes that come with aging, such as hormonal fluctuations, physical changes, and a host of new financial challenges and plans…. Read more »

Root Canals: A Brief History

The branch of dentistry which focuses solely on root canals and the internal structure of teeth is called endodontics. The term is Greek in origin,  endo meaning “inside” and odons meaning “tooth.” The history of endodontic dental care dates back to the second or third Century BC, according to the best estimates of researchers. Israelis in that time period… Read more »

Everything You Know About Dentures Is Wrong

Debunking denture myths in Park Ridge, IL

Okay, so maybe not everything. Like most people, you probably have a solid understanding of the basics of dentures–what they do, why they’re needed, and where to get them. You know that missing teeth affects the appearance of your smile, and you know that eating your favorite foods would be all but impossible without all… Read more »

Can you Prevent Tooth Loss?

Overall, the rate of tooth loss in America has gradually declined since the 1940s. Your teeth are essential to quality of life: eating, speaking, and maintaining the integrity of your facial features. You only get one set of permanent teeth. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, and since you don’t grow replacements, anything… Read more »