Your Smile Is More Than Just Your Teeth!

Whiter, brighter smiles

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at someone’s smile? Their teeth, of course! Your teeth may be the star of your smile, but several factors contribute to its aesthetic beauty. Park Ridge, IL cosmetic dentists Drs. Maria and Thanasi Loukas have dedicated their lives to and caring for and enhancing patients’ smiles…. Read more »

Dental Checkups Can Save Your Teeth

  Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, have extensive experience restoring smiles. If you have suffered from tooth loss (whether it’s one tooth or many) your smile is not a lost cause. You can enjoy the thrill of a full and fully-functioning smile thanks to innovations such as high quality bridges, dentures… Read more »

Soccer, Summer, Swimming, and Your Smile


As Germany and Argentina prepare to vie for the World Cup, it seems that everyone across the country has soccer on the brain. This year we’ve seen some excellent examples of how NOT to protect your teeth during physical activity—a certain biting incident comes to mind. Whether you play soccer, football, or another popular summer… Read more »

Smile for a Better Quality of Life

A smile is universal. Regardless of cultural background, most people understand a smile to be a positive expression. After all, people rarely smile to express that things are going terrible in their lives. You might not realize, however, that smiling can do more than exude happiness. A confident smile can have a number of benefits… Read more »

More Tips to Bust Bad Breath

Last month, we explained how you can usually cure bad breath, or halitosis, by practicing good hygiene and visiting your dentist’s office regularly. Unfortunately for some people, extra attention at the bathroom sink might not help much, especially if they’re not careful with their dental health away from the sink. To help you keep your… Read more »

How Working Out Benefits Your Smile

If you already exercise on a regular basis, then you know the indescribable feeling of accomplishment after an especially good session. Now, you have even more reason to pat yourself on the back; according to numerous studies, keeping your body strong and active also helps keep your smile bright and healthy. In addition to brushing,… Read more »

Will the Future Allow Human Growth of Replacement Teeth?

Permanent teeth are exceptionally strong. They really do weather a great deal of wear and tear. Unfortunately, humans are only allotted one set in their lifetimes. Fortunately, advancements in modern dentistry have provided a wide array of replacement possibilities for lost teeth. Permanent teeth replacements are designed to restore both form and function to damaged smiles…. Read more »

Is Gum Disease Tainting Your Overall Health?

Bacteria play a more dominant role in human anatomy and physiology than many people realize. In fact, the human body contains about ten times more bacterial cells than human cells, including the mouth. Your mouth’s bacteria population make themselves known when they form dental plaque to cling to your teeth, which can happen just hours… Read more »