Oral Health Tips for Teenagers’ Teeth

School’s out, and Park Ridge teens are on a mission to make this their best summer yet. Most haven’t given much thought to the upcoming school year, save for the excitement of prom, graduation, and social functions. During these years, it’s essential to maintain excellent oral health. At Park Ridge Dental, Dr. Loukas understands the… Read more »

Do You Have Thyroid Disease? Read This!

Thyroid disease, a disorder that affects an estimated 30 million Americans, is best known for its effects on hormone levels in your body. The condition, which is more prevalent in females, poses a greater threat to those who are older and have a family history of thyroid problems. Dr. Thanasi Loukas of Park Ridge Dental… Read more »

Truth Decay: Common Misconceptions About Cavities and Fillings

Cavity: the most dreaded C-word in all of dentistry. It also happens to be one of the most common, with an estimated 78% of Americans developing at least one cavity by age 17. The fact that tooth decay is so easily preventable makes this statistic even more shocking. Dr. Loukas debunks the most commonly held… Read more »

Busting Bad Breath at Park Ridge Dental

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is one of the most embarrassing oral health issues. The good news? It’s also preventable! The key to preventing and treating bad breath begins with oral hygiene and regular dental exams. Healthy, clean teeth and gums are less hospitable to bacteria and other smelly substances found within your mouth…. Read more »

Airline Food, Dysgeusia, and Other Matters of Taste

It’s no secret that the in-flight meal is among the least glamorous aspects of air travel. What most travelers don’t realize, however, is that the food itself may not actually be to blame. The real culprit? Your sense of taste. Park Ridge, IL dentist, Dr. Thanasi Loukas, shares fascinating facts about your sense of taste,… Read more »

Can Adults Get Braces?

When considering orthodontics, it is important to keep in mind that there are no age-restrictions. When you hear about braces, you may think back to elementary or middle school, when everyone was still developing their permanent teeth and may have required orthodontic treatment to keep them straight. However, braces are not just for children and… Read more »

Tooth Extraction

Do you ever wonder why, with all the dental technology today, you may still need to have a tooth extracted? Sometimes to maintain good dental and overall health, extraction is the treatment of choice. If tooth decay reaches into the pulp of the tooth, the bacteria causing the decay may also cause infection. The pulp… Read more »

Vitamins For Healthy Teeth And Gums

You don’t always get the right amount of proper vitamins and nutrients from what you eat. That’s why sometimes your doctor suggests you take vitamins, to help keep your body healthy. But what about your teeth? Do you ever hear your dentist suggest vitamins for healthy teeth? Maybe not, but there are certain vitamins that… Read more »