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A Moist Mouth is a Happy Mouth

No one wants to go through life feeling like they’ve just eaten a meal comprised of sand. However, when you are dealing with a severe case of dry mouth, that may be exactly what you feel like. Dry cheeks, dry tongue, dry roof-of-the-mouth, dry gums and dry throat are all common complaints of patients with… Read more »

More Tips to Bust Bad Breath

Last month, we explained how you can usually cure bad breath, or halitosis, by practicing good hygiene and visiting your dentist’s office regularly. Unfortunately for some people, extra attention at the bathroom sink might not help much, especially if they’re not careful with their dental health away from the sink. To help you keep your… Read more »

Busting Bad Breath at Park Ridge Dental

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is one of the most embarrassing oral health issues. The good news? It’s also preventable! The key to preventing and treating bad breath begins with oral hygiene and regular dental exams. Healthy, clean teeth and gums are less hospitable to bacteria and other smelly substances found within your mouth…. Read more »

Beat Bad Breath for Good

Your initial instinct may be to hide it, but you can’t conceal your bad breath for long. In fact, ignoring the cause of it can allow bad breath to grow worse, especially if it’s a chronic condition. Your best bet for ridding yourself of the burden is to track down why your breath remains offensive… Read more »