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This Is Your Mouth on Medicine

If you are one of 70 percent of Americans who take at least one prescription medication, you’re no stranger to the world of side effects. It’s even become something of a running gag, pointing out that the side effects of the medication are even worse than the symptoms of the condition that’s being treated! Although… Read more »

Educating your Children for Optimal Dental Health

Most parents have high hopes for a lifetime of positive experiences for their children, even with something as simple as dental checkups. Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Thanasi Loukas and Dr. Maria Loukas, are dedicated to offering the best care for your entire family. We understand children and are happy to offer friendly, pleasant dentistry to our… Read more »

What to Expect for Dental Implant Recovery Time

Dental implant retained dentures are more often referred to as the shorter term – “dental implants.” They are among the most versatile, reliable, and attractive restoration options for missing teeth. The basic rundown is this: titanium rods are designed to function as tooth root replacements. They are implanted through your gum tissue and into your… Read more »

Toothbrush Care Alert

If you haven’t thought about it recently, your life probably consists of routines that accomplish your daily goals. For example, you’ve set your circadian rhythm, so that you fall asleep and awake about the same time. Each morning, you perform the same menial tasks to prepare for the upcoming daily events. Involved in all of… Read more »

Make Sure your Jawbone Stays Healthy

Lacking healthy jawbone structure is a real problem for your dental health. When jawbone is diminished, oral health is in jeopardy with tooth loss risk raised. There are both structural and cosmetic reasons for wanting to keep your jaw healthy. Without your natural teeth, you will likely feel embarrassed to smile, and over time you’ll… Read more »

The Meaning of Making Over your Smile

Modern dental technology is a gift to people who are unhappy with their smiles. No matter what your past efforts towards dental hygiene, your genetic predispositions, or dental injuries you have incurred, Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, can help you achieve the grin of your dreams by implementing a treatment plan… Read more »