Do you Have Loose Dentures?

Denture Apple GuyHave you lost all of your teeth on a single dental ridge and replaced them with dentures? If so, you  know well the importance of restoring the function of a mouth which has suffered significant tooth loss. Unfortunately, many a common problem associated with traditional dentures is the loss of grip. One of the most important reasons for replacing lost teeth is to restore your mouth’s ability to chew, bite, and speak effectively. If your replacement teeth are wobbly and unsteady, they may not function as well as intended, and won’t feel as comfortable when in use. Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, help patients with the problem of loose dentures.

Losing their Grip

Many patients believe that their dentures become loose as a result of poor construction or design. As you wear your dentures day in and day out, they lose their original shape. Another cause of loosening dentures is the changing shape of your jawbone and dental ridges, which often continues long after the loss of your teeth. While traditional dentures replace the portions of your teeth needed to bite and chew, the prosthetics can’t replace the roots of your teeth, which are an essential part of your jawbone’s health and density. Tooth roots are embedded in your jawbone, and when you bite and chew, the roots are stimulated to signal nutrients to your jawbone tissues. Losing these roots and not replacing them leads to a nutrient deficiency called facial collapse.

Consider Dental Implants

Dentures may be the right form of tooth replacement for you, but if not, dental implants will answer to both form and function. Dental implants include a root replacement, unlike any other means of restoring lost teeth. If jawbone density issues are your biggest concern, dental implants should certainly be considered.

Visit your Park Ridge Implant Dentists

To resolve the problem of jawbone deterioration, Dr. Loukas may recommend securing your dentures to a series of dental implants. Inserted into your jawbone, dental implants provide the security that your natural roots provide healthy teeth, and can help restore the stimulation your jawbone needs. To learn more about to resolve the issue of loose dentures once and for all, schedule an appointment with your Park Ridge implant dentists by calling Loukas General Dentistry at (847) 696-1919. Located in the 60068 area, we proudly serve patients from Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicago communities.