Park Ridge Dentists: Try Our Teeth Grinding Quiz


Do you grind your teeth? When patients grind or clench their teeth, they leave their smile vulnerable to damage and medical complications such as TMJ disorder. Fortunately, at Loukas General Dentistry we provide treatment for bruxism to eliminate your teeth grinding issues. In today’s blog, your Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria Loukas and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, uses a fun and informative quiz to explain the symptoms and causes of teeth grinding. They also recommend a comfortable and minimally invasive treatment option.

Teeth Grinding Quiz

1. True or False: Multiple factors can cause bruxism.

2. True or False: Toothaches and jaw pain are common signs of teeth grinding.

3. True or False: Without treatment, teeth grinding damages teeth.

4. True or False: Your Park Ridge IL general dentists offer a solution for teeth grinding.

Answer Key

1. True. Two common causes of bruxism are malocclusion, or bite misalignment, and daily stress.

2. True. Other symptoms of teeth grinding include: Toothaches, tooth sensitivity, and headaches.

3. True. As patients continue to grind their teeth, the teeth may develop chips and cracks. Over time, the teeth may even become worn down. Dental damage exposes the sensitive layers of tooth structure beneath the enamel to bacteria. Soon, you can develop tooth decay and infection. Without treatment, you may run the risk of TMJ disorder.

4. True. In order to treat bruxism, Drs. Maria and Thanasi Loukas offer an intraoral device. Similar to a night guard, this oral appliance repositions the jaw to ease misalignment. The device also prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching, ending bruxism.

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Bruxism, or teeth grinding, endangers the smile and increases he risk of serious complications, such as TMJ disorder. If so, talk to your Park Ridge IL general dentists today. Dr. Maria or Thanasi Loukas will help improve the health and beauty of your smile. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas by calling your 60068  dentists’ office at (847) 696-1919. We proudly serve patients from Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicago communities.