Park Ridge Dentists Quiz on Modern Dentures

teethsWhen it comes to replacing lost teeth, dentures have been in the game for a while. In fact, some of the most well-known stories regarding the first president of the Unite States, George Washington, tell of his significant tooth loss and need for dentures. Though tooth loss isn’t as prevalent as it was at the time of our forefathers, it still poses a substantial problem to many patients, and must be addressed to restore the patient’s ability to bite, chew, and speak properly. In modern times, dentures are still a staple for dealing with considerable tooth loss. Take our short denture quiz below, provided by Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, to learn how dentures have advanced throughout history, and how they can preserve your oral health following tooth loss.

Dentures Today

1.) Dentures consist of replacement teeth on a gum-colored base that sits upon the dental ridge. What are the replacement teeth on dentures typically made of?

a.) Porcelain                                                       c.) Composite resin

b.) Metal                                                             d.) Plastic

2.) Do you have to lose all of your teeth to qualify for dentures?

a.) Yes

b.) No

3.) What dental restoration can help stabilize dentures and preserve the health of a patient’s jawbone following tooth loss?

a.) Dental crowns                                             c.) Dental implants

b.) Dental bridges                                            d.) Dental adhesives


1.) Porcelain—Dental porcelain, or ceramic, is an innovative resource for restorative and prosthetic dentistry that closely mimics the color and light-reflecting abilities of natural teeth and their enamel. With replacement teeth that are custom-made from dental porcelain, your dentures will be virtually indistinguishable from natural, healthy teeth.

2.) No—There was a time when dentures were the only viable tooth replacement option for severe tooth loss, and patients who lost too many teeth for a dental bridge had to wait until the rest of their teeth were lost to replace them with a denture. Today, Dr. Loukas offers partial dentures that are designed to fit around existing teeth and only fill in the spots of missing teeth.

3.) Dental implants—As prosthetic tooth roots, dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone, then used to support a partial or full denture, or a dental crown for patients who’ve only lost one tooth. The dental prosthetic is attached to connective rods that protrude above the gum line, and aside from increased stability, dental implants can help preserve jawbone health by promoting a healthy flow of minerals and nutrients.

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