FAQs: What is a Dental Bridge?


When you lose a tooth, you may find both the health and appearance of your smile suffers. Fortunately, a number of options exist for replacing a lost tooth. Many dentists will recommend a dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth. With a dental bridge, your smile can be returned to full function and health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridges

Question: What does a missing tooth do to someone’s smile?

Answer: Along with hampering your smile’s appearance, a missing tooth also makes eating and sometimes speaking a little more difficult. Teeth may soon drift towards the open gap in your smile, causing misalignment to occur. With uneven teeth, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases, further damaging your smile.

Question: How does a dental bridge work?

Answer: A dental bridge allows your Park Ridge cosmetic dentist to replace a lost tooth and restore your smile to optimal health and appearance. The dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth, or pontic, with crowns attached to each end. The crowns will be placed on the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile, anchoring the prosthetic into place. Once in place, you will be able to eat and smile with confidence and ease.

Question: Do dental bridges look natural?

Answer: Yes. Like other dental restorations or prosthetics, the dental bridge will be designed based on impressions of your smile. Lifelike dental materials will be used to design the crowns and artificial tooth, so your new dental bridge will blend seamlessly with your smile.

Question: How do I care for a dental bridge?

Answer: Like natural teeth, your dental bridge will require routine dental care, including brushing and flossing.

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Interested in addressing your tooth loss with our innovative dental bridges? Then schedule a consultation with your Park Ridge cosmetic dentist today. We can help repair and restore your smile with innovative teeth bonding. Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas are highly-skilled restorative and cosmetic dentists serving the Park Ridge and surrounding Chicago communities. To schedule an appointment, call Loukas General Dentistry today at (847) 696-1919.

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