Digital X-Rays

Progeny Panoramic X-raysAt Loukas Dentistry of Park Ridge, we are committed to utilizing the most advanced dental technology available so we can enhance the precision and accuracy of the care we provide our patients. The office uses digital x-rays, which require much less radiation than conventional film. The images are stored in our computers for easy communication with your insurance company or other dentists or specialists at your request. The x-rays can be viewed on computer monitors or an LCD monitor at much larger sizes for diagnosis and patient education.

New Progeny Panoramic Digital X-rays are now available at our office to provide quick and easy x-rays taken outside of the mouth. Panoramic X-rays have reduced radiation, and include full-mouth panoramic, bitewing, and even TMJ x-rays to be taken.

Intraoral Camera

img_technology_picA wireless intraoral camera is used to take pictures and video inside your mouth. The camera is an important educational tool for our patients. It allows the doctors to more easily explain to our patients what actually is going on with their particular case. When was the last time your dentist sat and explained to you why you really needed a certain procedure done? Before and after pictures can be done which show the positive difference you can expect to acheive.

Digital Camera

Digital camera may be used for cosmetic cases or any case where more detail is required. Before and after photos are taken frequently, so you can have a clearer view of the changes a given procedure has made possible. Pictures can be sent to the dental laboratory which make the crowns, veneers, and dentures fabricated look incredibly customized and realistic. Many dentists do not provide this level of detail to their patients but we proudly do.

Televisions for Patient Comfort

During your treatment, televisions are available to watch in each treatment room. You can hold the remote and change the station to whatever you like. The flat screen TV in the reception area even has HD channels available. The TVs are also uses to show you any x-rays, pictures, or other information pertaining to your treatment.

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