Why would I need to pull a tooth?

tooth-extractionWisdom teeth and regular teeth require extraction for many different reasons but preservation and restoration is our goal as your Park Ridge dentist. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tooth due to tooth fracture, failure of an existing restoration, advanced gum disease or orthodontic reasons.

Our Park Ridge Dental office is equipped to handle your wisdom tooth extraction treatment comfortably. The wisdom tooth extraction procedure is necessary because of angled teeth or roots, wisdom tooth infections, or decay.

What should I expect during my Park Ridge tooth extraction?

You should expect to meet with your Park Ridge Dentist to discuss treatment options and go over the treatment plan. If extraction is required, the treatment will be done immediately or the appointment will be made for a convenient time. The dentist will meet with you to discuss your anesthetic and sedation options. We offer dental sedation and Nitrous Oxide Sedation to make you comfortable. Dr. Loukas also uses a sedation medication that decreases anxiety. Outmost care is given to make this treatment as comfortable as possible, with the minimum discomfort and maximum empathy and understanding.

You should expect some bleeding, oozing, and minor discomfort after treatment. All necessary prescriptions including pain medication and antibiotics will be given to you at your 60068 dental extractions.

What are my options to replace a missing tooth?

Your Park Ridge Dentist can replace you missing teeth with a variety of options. The main ways to replace a missing tooth is by Dental Implant, Dental Bridge or Partial Denture. Dr Loukas is an expert at all of these types of teeth replacement. Ask your Park Ridge dentist to go into more detail at your extraction appointment.

The gum may be sutured in some cases. The sutures may be resorbable or non-resorbable. Post operative instructions will be given to you regarding home care, pain relief, healing and hygiene.

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