Smile Maintenance

If we could all start thinking about our smiles the way we think about our cars, everyone would probably enjoy better oral health. We use our smiles every day to get around in social and business situations, just like we use our cars to get around town. A smile needs all the same regular care and maintenance that a car needs. Tuning up your smile every six months is key to keeping it looking great and performing well.

It’s about More than Just Teeth

The teeth do so much. They help us chew the foods we love. They are essential to making the sounds that make up normal speech. They provide support to the cheeks and lips, helping you face appear fuller and younger. We often forget that those teeth wouldn’t be there without the support and health of the gums, jaw, throat, and other oral structures. In addition to gentle but thorough dental cleanings, we also carefully assess the health of your gums at every checkup. If we detect the signs of this inflammatory and potentially serious disease, we can provide a number of treatment options ranging from amping up your at-home dental care routine and making lifestyle changes to deep cleanings. Addressing gum disease early – or avoiding it altogether – will help you keep your natural teeth longer and increase your chances for enjoying better overall health.

Preventive Dental Services in Park Ridge

To help our patients enjoy an optimal level of oral health, free of disease and discomfort, the team at Loukas Dentistry of Park Ridge offers the following preventive services:

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