Brighten Up!

Making your smile brighter will enhance your personal, professional, and social outlook. Bleaching reverses the color of your teeth by removing organic particles from the enamel. This creates whiter, brighter enamel and a more brilliant smile. With a professional teeth whitening from your Park Ridge dentist, you experience no loss of tooth structure. In fact, tooth bleaching is one of the safest and most conservative procedures you can have done to your teeth. Some sensitivity may occur depending on the strength of the solution used. At Loukas Dentistry of Park Ridge, we offer three concentrations of bleach to minimize the sensitivity.


At-Home Teeth Whitening with Opalescence

The first step of this convenient process takes place at our office, when we take impressions of your teeth, a process that requires a mere 5-10 minutes. Following your impression visit, models are made based on the shape of your teeth and then plastic trays are constructed which fit precisely over them. The trays are used to keep the bleaching solution in place during the treatment.

At the second visit, you will try on your bleaching trays so Dr. Loukas can check them for fit. You are given instructions on how to use the bleaching solution and then you can start bleaching immediately after this second appointment. Results are visible after just one day and maximum results are seen after 7 days. The results are predictable: a brighter, whiter smile!

In-Office Teeth Whitening with Boost

One-hour Boost teeth whitening is performed in the office. After we polish your teeth to remove any stray plaque, the gums are isolated with a special solution to protect them from any irritation. The whitening solution is activated by the dentist and then applied directly to the teeth. The procedure takes about one hour and several layers of the solution are used, as needed. We constantly monitor our patients undergoing in-office teeth whitening, so we can check for sensitivity and shade. At the end of your appointment, your teeth will look up to ten shades whiter and your smile will be sure to dazzle!

Park Ridge Teeth Whitening

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