When are Dental Crowns the Right Choice?

If you have a tooth that has sustained moderate or severe structural damage due to injury or decay, Dr. Loukas may recommend placing a crown. In other cases, large fillings are better protected and offer enhanced esthetics with crowns placed. Other situations that may call for the use of a dental crown include:

A crown can provide the strength necessary to withstand chewing forces and can return the tooth to its original shape and function. The material used to make a crown varies in its strength, esthetics, and price. Your dentist will recommend to you the best options for your particular case.

How is a Dental Crown Placed?

The placement of a dental crown is very precise and generally requires at least two visits. During the first visit, the damaged tooth is prepared to accept the crown. An impression is taken, a temporary crown is placed, and Dr. Loukas sends your impressions to a trusted dental lab where trained technicians craft your custom-fitted crown. At the second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is bonded onto the prepared tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns Offered by Your Park Ridge Dentist

At Loukas Dentistry of Park Ridge, we offer three general types of dental crowns:

  1. Porcelain-fused-to-metal or PFM crowns. This type of crown is made of a metal core on the inside and covered in porcelain shell on the outside. The metal interior is made from gold or a mixture of metals and does not show. The core merely provides rigidity and support to the overlying porcelain. This type of crown is one of the best options for posterior (back) teeth.
  2. All-porcelain crowns. This is the newest and most life-like type of crowns. All-porcelain crowns are used primarily in anterior (front) teeth and although some porcelain materials, such as zirconia, are appropriate for use on the posterior (back) teeth. The porcelain crowns that Loukas Dentistry of Park Ridge uses and recommends include:
    • IPS Empress – Da Vinci Porcelain. This is a great option for the patient who demands high esthetics. Empress crowns have the advantage of high light translucency, so when placed over similarly colored teeth they are very beautiful and natural looking. Empress crown cannot be placed over severely stained or discolored teeth as the discolorations will show through.
    • E.max CAD/CAM. This type of crown is designed in a digital environment and made by a computer which mills the crown from a solid block of porcelain. E.max crowns come in a variety of formulations, including zirconia and glass silicate.
    • Zirconia. This type of crown is very esthetic and can be used over a severely discolored tooth. This is due to the zirconia crowns dual layer construction. The very strong inner layer blocks the underlying tooth color while the beautiful porcelain layered on the outside offers enhanced esthetics.
  3. All-metal crowns. All-metal crowns have provided a reliable and predictable dental crown option for literally thousands of years. Gold or titanium crowns are of a similar hardness to natural teeth and therefore they won’t damage the opposing tooth structure. Metal crowns are best used in the back of the mouth where esthetics are not as much of a concern.

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