Root Canals: A Brief History

FillingsThe branch of dentistry which focuses solely on root canals and the internal structure of teeth is called endodontics. The term is Greek in origin,  endo meaning “inside” and odons meaning “tooth.” The history of endodontic dental care dates back to the second or third Century BC, according to the best estimates of researchers. Israelis in that time period utilized bronze wire to extract bacteria-laden dental pulp and treat infected tooth roots and structures.

More on Root Canal “Roots”

Moving forward to the first Century AD archaeological evidence indicates that damaged and infected root canals were drained in order to relieve pressure and alleviate discomfort. As the centuries continued, dental professionals gained a more general understanding of the interior parts of teeth. For example, the discovery was made that covering a tooth after removing diseased pulp made for a more successful and longer lasting treatment. Materials which don’t sound quite right with current knowledge were used as crowns at the time, such as gold foil and even asbestos coatings.

Moving Forward

The advent of x-rays n the 1900s added a new element of accuracy to endodontic treatment. Furthermore, effective anesthetics were introduced around the same time, which made dental work more comfortable for patients. With these advancements in technology, dentists had the ability to study endodontics in greater depth without causing severe pain to a patient in the middle of a root canal treament.

Modern Day Endodontics 

Nowadays, when a dentist discusses endodontics, its because a patient requires a root canal treatment. Root canal therapies have become a routine procedure, which is typically required when a cavity has progressed without treatment, reaching the tooth’s pulp. The completion of the procedure provides the patient almost immediate relief from their discomfort. Without the treatment, patients may require a complete extraction of the tooth eventually. If you show any signs indicative of the need for root canal therapy, visit Dr. Maria Loukas or Dr. Thanasi Loukas right away

Endodontic Treatment from Park Ridge Dentists

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