Park Ridge Implant Dentists: Say Bye to Ill-Fitting Dentures

older lady with strong smileDentures have long been a life-saver for smiles that have suffered significant tooth loss, but the constant need to readjust or replace them can sometimes prove burdensome. As many patients with dentures can agree, your replacement teeth cannot function when they don’t fit well. Luckily, your Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, offer a sturdier foundation for your dentures that addresses the root cause of denture slippage, making ill-fitting dentures a thing of the past.

Why Dentures Lose Their Grip

You may not immediately notice it, but losing teeth (and the roots that are embedded in your jawbone) has a seriously detrimental effect on your jaw’s health. When existing tooth roots are stimulated by biting and chewing, your body registers their presence and supplies your jawbone with an adequate amount of nutrients to support them. Your body also registers the loss of these roots and adjusts your jaw’s nutrient supply accordingly, leading to a nutrient deficiency that leads to the slow deterioration of your jawbone. Also called resorption, jawbone loss changes the shape of your dental ridges, and since conventional dentures can’t replace your lost tooth roots, they eventually lose the grip that they were custom-designed for.

Laying a Better Foundation

By laying a foundation of prosthetic roots within your jawbone, your Park Ridge implants dentists can help you avoid ill-fitting dentures in more than one way. Dental implants supply a base for your dentures that mimics your natural tooth roots instead of using adhesives, and they restore the stimulation that your jawbone requires to remain healthy and strong. Whether you’re looking for your first set of replacement teeth or wish to improve your ill-fitting dentures, dental implants can provide unmatched security for your new smile to operate as comfortably as your natural, healthy smile.

Upgrade Your Ill-Fitting Dentures with Help from Your Park Ridge Implant Dentists

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