Facial Rejuvenation Thanks to Restalyne

DentalCrownsOver time, human faces are destined to develop some degree of unsightly wrinkles. A combination of age, compounded by stress, smoking, and exposure to the sun, will cause your face to lose its youthful fullness and line-free appearance. Fortunately, at Loukas General Dentistry, we provide quality treatments for addressing wrinkles in addition to our comprehensive dentistry services. Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria Loukas and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, are happy to provide patients with facial rejuvenation thanks to Restylane.


How Restalyne Works

You may find yourself wondering what facial aesthetic issues Restylane will address? The process involves injecting a special compound (in gel form) into certain areas of your face. Your skin contains hyaluronic acid, or HA. This is a natural sugar which hydrates the skin, providing a youthful and wrinkle-free appearance for many happy patients. As your grow older, the amount of HA in your skin decreases. The gel used in dermal filers contains hyaluronic acid and improves the quality and attractiveness of your skin by removing wrinkles. Restylane increases the appearance of volume and fullness in your face and lips.

Restalyne Benefits

Dr. Maria or Dr. Thanasi Loukas may recommend Restylane in order to smooth over minor or severe wrinkles. Removal of lines, sags, and unwanted folds will makeover your appearance and provide you with the right frame for your beautiful smile. Best of all, if you’re busy (and who isn’t?) Restylane and other dermal fillers provide almost instant results following injection. The gel is designed to act just like your body’s natural HA, providing aesthetically pleasing volume and fullness wherever the compound is inserted. The results of Restylane will last up to a year, whereas other dermal fillers may only last around six months.

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Interested in improving your facial features with Restylane? Dr. Maria Loukas and Dr. Thanasi Loukas offer the latest in quality facial rejuvenation, including dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. To make an appointment, contact our 60068 dental office at (847) 696-1919. We proudly serve patients from Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicago communities, offering general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.