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Learn about Minimal Prep Veneers

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers from your Park Ridge cosmetic dentists may be a great option for obtaining the stunning smile you desire. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain which are custom fabricated to fit your teeth. Dr. Maria Loukas or Dr. Thanasi Loukas will place them on the surface… Read more »

Facial Rejuvenation Thanks to Restalyne

Over time, human faces are destined to develop some degree of unsightly wrinkles. A combination of age, compounded by stress, smoking, and exposure to the sun, will cause your face to lose its youthful fullness and line-free appearance. Fortunately, at Loukas General Dentistry, we provide quality treatments for addressing wrinkles in addition to our comprehensive dentistry… Read more »

Clear Answers from this Invisalign Quiz

Many adults will avoid orthodontic work out of the fear that the look of braces and other appliances designed to straighten teeth will be embarrassing. While self-improvement should be something to garner pride, one can see why the idea of wearing traditional braces might lead to avoidance. Luckily, there is Invisalign, a completely inconspicuous method… Read more »

Are You Uncomfortable Smiling?

In the American culture, we tend to give smiles freely. There are other countries which consider excessive smiling to seem insincere. Are you someone who smiles as naturally as you breathe? While you may plaster a fake smile on your face for a photo you’re not in the mood to take, if you’re pleased with… Read more »

Advantages of Ceramic Crowns

Dental crowns have several uses in dentistry. A crown can hold together the parts of a cracked tooth, while protecting the tooth from decay. Crowns are used as a restorative measure for teeth which are broken or significantly worn down. If a cavity is particularly large, and there is more filling than actual tooth, a… Read more »

Should you Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Patients who have recently undergone cosmetic dental treatment with a reputable dentist are most likely aware of the marvels modern dentistry can accomplish for a smile. Whether opting for tooth-colored dental fillings, dental implants, dental bonding, or simple whitening, advancements in dentistry have helped many patients enjoy beautiful, natural, healthy looking smiles to replace a… Read more »

Can a Smile Makeover Help Avert a Mid-Life Crisis?

You’ve probably heard of the mid-life crisis. It’s long been a staple in sitcoms and movies, and it’s yet another setback we’ve been told is looming on the horizon. It’s true that there are certain changes that come with aging, such as hormonal fluctuations, physical changes, and a host of new financial challenges and plans…. Read more »

Can Adults Get Braces?

When considering orthodontics, it is important to keep in mind that there are no age-restrictions. When you hear about braces, you may think back to elementary or middle school, when everyone was still developing their permanent teeth and may have required orthodontic treatment to keep them straight. However, braces are not just for children and… Read more »