Park Ridge Oral Surgeons Discuss the Need for Oral Surgery

worried young guyWhen detected early, most dental health issues can be treated with noninvasive procedures and improved oral hygiene.  Unfortunately, dental diseases aren’t always detected early, and by the time you seek treatment, the damage may be severe enough to require oral surgery. Your dedicated Park Ridge oral surgeons offer a variety of surgical procedures in their very own office, eliminating the need for you to visit a specialist in addition to your regular dentist. Below, we explain some of the more common situations that call for oral surgery, and how we can treat severe issues in-office.

Necessary Extractions

If you’ve ever had one or more troublesome wisdom teeth, then hopefully you’ve had them removed to avoid or alleviate compounding dental issues. Other reasons for tooth extraction can include infection so invasive that tooth extraction is the only way to protect the rest of your oral health. Also, if a tooth sustains damage (i.e., crack or fracture) that extends to its root, then the tooth may no longer be useful and can require a tooth extraction. Unlike your wisdom teeth, however, if a permanent tooth is extracted because of extensive damage or disease, it must be replaced to preserve the integrity of your oral health.

Necessary Insertions

Dental implants, which are prosthetic tooth roots that can support your dental prosthetic when you’ve lost one or more teeth, are effective mainly because they’re surgically inserted into your jawbone, much like natural tooth roots. To receive dental implants, patients often have to visit a separate oral surgeon for the actual implant placement before their dentist can attach their replacement teeth.  At your Park Ridge oral surgeons’ office, Dr. Loukas offers full dental implant treatment, from implant placement to final restoration, simplifying your tooth-replacement process to complete your new smile in less time.

Oral Surgery from the Experts in Park Ridge

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