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Why Does your Jaw Hurt?

Do you experience frequent pain in your jaw? Does your jaw pop or click or stick when you open and close your mouth? If so, you may require dental attention. But what does jaw pain have to do with your oral health? Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria Loukas and Dr. Thanasi Loukas can answer this question,… Read more »

Personal Training for Strong Teeth

Given the fact that your oral health depends on proper oral hygiene as well as attending six month dental checkups and cleanings, you might understandably assume that your teeth are largely defenseless against whatever could afflict them. The truth, however, is that dental hygiene is designed to maintain your teeth’s natural defenses, which are formidable when they’re… Read more »

IV Sedation: Dental Innovation

Have you ever had IV sedation for any medical reason? Many people might consider dental work something that isn’t worthy of such a level of sedation. But look at another way: Just because knowledge and technology doesn’t exist for a time, doesn’t mean we have to keep doing things the same way when new discoveries… Read more »

Should you Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Patients who have recently undergone cosmetic dental treatment with a reputable dentist are most likely aware of the marvels modern dentistry can accomplish for a smile. Whether opting for tooth-colored dental fillings, dental implants, dental bonding, or simple whitening, advancements in dentistry have helped many patients enjoy beautiful, natural, healthy looking smiles to replace a… Read more »