Park Ridge, IL Dentist Offers Endodontics

Smile PrideYou may not be familiar with the term “endodontics,” but you’ve most likely heard of root canals. The canals that lead to your roots offer a passage to these complex structures that reside in your dental pulp. In order for a dentist to be able to offer you root canal procedures, they have to have had special education and training in endodontics. Your Park Ridge, IL dentist offer root canal therapy, and will describe more about the details of endodontics.

Why is Endodontics Necessary?

The purpose of root canal procedures is to try and save as much of your natural tooth as possible when severe decay has traveled from the dentin of your teeth into the canals and roots. Sometimes root canal treatment can help when a permanent tooth is knocked out by accident. In fact, the process of stabilization with root canal therapy can sometimes can even reattach a completely dislodged natural tooth. Other reasons that a root canal procedure might be recommended would be tooth fractures, dental injuries, chipped teeth, and deep cavities.

What will an Endodontic Procedure Entail?

If you require root canal therapy, the procedure will begin with x-rays. This allows for the extent of the damage to be discerned. Root canals are usual done under a simple local anesthetic. A dental dam (a protective sheet) is draped over the area to keep the surgical area free of potential bacterial exposure. This also protects from excess saliva that can impede the procedure. Once the tooth is opened up, the infected pulp can be removed. The space that remains will be filled with a biocompatible material, much like rubber. Next, the top part of what remains of your tooth will receive an application of cement. This completely seals and protects the roots and canals. This procedure will be topped off with either a filling or customized ceramic crown.

Loukas General Dentistry Offers Endodontic Treatment

If you would like more information about endodontic dental care or you’re in need of root canal treatment Loukas General Dentistry is here to help .  To schedule an appointment with our Park Ridge dental practice, call us at (847) 696-1919. Also, visit our website for services, testimonials, and to read more about the team.


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