Park Ridge Dentist Introduces—Dental Implants

Park Ridge Dental ImplantsWith today’s advanced dentistry, more people are able to enjoy their full, healthy, natural smiles for much longer than generations before us. Your teeth can now be saved and restored even when ravished by advanced decay, and gum disease (the leading cause of adult tooth loss) can be successfully managed and controlled without the need for surgery. Nevertheless, sometimes a tooth must go, whether it’s lost to trauma or excessive disease that renders it useless. When the need arises to replace one or more lost teeth, your best solution lies in securing your dental prosthetic to one or more dental implants, provided by your Park Ridge implant dentist, Dr. Loukas.

Completely Restore Your Smile

The space(s) left by missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift as they try to take up the slack in your bite. While missing teeth are a problem, shifting teeth can lead to a host of subsequent dental issues that can wreck your smile further. Dental bridges, partials, and full dentures can be custom-crafted to match any pattern of tooth loss, filling the gaps and helping to preserve the health of your remaining teeth. What they cannot do by themselves, however, is replace the roots of your lost teeth, and as only partial tooth replacements, they require the addition of dental implants to completely restore your smile.

Who Needs Roots, Anyway?

As their name suggests, your tooth roots are buried into your jawbone. When you bite and chew, the stimulated roots let your body know to send your jaw nutrients, keeping it healthy enough to support the teeth it holds. As roots are lost, so are the nutrients they attract, and eventually jawbone deterioration can lead to the loss of more teeth. As a prosthetic tooth root, a dental implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone, which fuses to the biocompatible titanium implant. Once healed, your implant(s) can support your single, multiple, or total tooth replacement appliance as securely as your healthy roots support your natural teeth.

Learn More About Dental Implants from Your Park Ridge Dentist

If you’ve lost one or more teeth and would like to learn more about the best option to replace them, speak with Dr. Loukas about your eligibility for dental implants. You can schedule an appointment with your Park Ridge implant dentist by calling Loukas General Dentistry at (847) 696-1919. Located in the 60068 area, we proudly serve patients from Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicago communities.