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Can Loose Permanent Teeth Be Save?

Your natural, healthy teeth consist of two main parts: the crown (top part) which is the only visible part of a tooth above the gumline. Under the gumline, roots continue, embedded in a socket within your jawbone along with other nerves and tissues. This is known as dental pulp. Roots offer your teeth the structural… Read more »

Dental Implants: Get the Facts

Most modern replacement teeth (such as dental bridges, partial dentures, and complete traditional dentures) are designed to perfectly emulate the visible portions of lost teeth. Like your natural teeth’s crowns, these tooth replacements sit on top of the gumline, held securely by gum-colored plastic bases or inconspicuous hidden clasps. Unlike your natural tooth crowns, however, conventional… Read more »

Chewing and Choosing the Best Possible Dental Health

The obvious importance of being able to properly chew your food is the ability to digest your nourishment safely and easily. However, there are other reasons you should maintain your chewing ability which may not seem related to eating at all. Your mouth is a very complex biological machine with various parts designed to interact with each other… Read more »

Taking Steps to Prevent Adult Tooth Loss

Park Ridge dentists, Drs. Maria and Thanasi Loukas have witnessed many patients dealing with the trials which tooth loss causes. Fortunately, losing permanent teeth isn’t natural or inevitable as you age. You can easily prevent tooth loss with proper dental self-care and regular checkups. Though adult teeth can be lost for a number of reasons… Read more »

Can you Prevent Tooth Loss?

Overall, the rate of tooth loss in America has gradually declined since the 1940s. Your teeth are essential to quality of life: eating, speaking, and maintaining the integrity of your facial features. You only get one set of permanent teeth. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, and since you don’t grow replacements, anything… Read more »

Dental Checkups Can Save Your Teeth

  Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, have extensive experience restoring smiles. If you have suffered from tooth loss (whether it’s one tooth or many) your smile is not a lost cause. You can enjoy the thrill of a full and fully-functioning smile thanks to innovations such as high quality bridges, dentures… Read more »

Tooth Extraction

Do you ever wonder why, with all the dental technology today, you may still need to have a tooth extracted? Sometimes to maintain good dental and overall health, extraction is the treatment of choice. If tooth decay reaches into the pulp of the tooth, the bacteria causing the decay may also cause infection. The pulp… Read more »

Dental Bridges Can Restore Your Oral Functions

A dental bridge is one of many options for replacing your missing teeth. It literally bridges the gap created by lost teeth. A bridge consists of two crowns on either side that support the dental prosthetic. The crowns are anchored to the abutment teeth, which are physically modified natural teeth that accommodate the dental bridge…. Read more »

How Dental Implants Revolutionized Tooth Replacement

Although there are numerous options for replacing lost teeth, only dental implants can replace the tooth roots that once rested in your jawbone. Replacing the top parts of your teeth, or crowns, can restore your ability to bite, chew, and enunciate your words, as well as restore your smile’s beautiful, healthy appearance. By rebuilding the… Read more »