Park Ridge Implant Dentists Test Your Knowledge of Tooth Loss

young business woman thinkingWhile a damaged or diseased tooth can cause a variety of trouble, a lost one can be devastating. Not only can a missing tooth significantly mar your smile’s appearance, it can also disrupt your mouth’s proper balance and function. The longer tooth loss remains untreated, the more your risk of subsequent dental problems increases. Find out how much you know about tooth loss by taking our short tooth loss quiz, provided by your Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas.

The Tooth Loss Quiz

1.) Is tooth loss preventable?

a.) Yes

b.) No

2.) What is the most common cause of permanent tooth loss in the U.S.?

a.) Tooth decay                                                 c.) Gum disease

b.) Traumatic injury                                         d.) Untreated cavities

3.) Which of the following is NOT a direct consequence of tooth loss?

a.) Shifting teeth                                              c.) Jawbone deterioration

b.) Bruxism                                                         d.) Diminished confidence

4.) The best way to replace your teeth is with dental implants.

a.) True

b.) False


1.) Yes—Your teeth were meant to last a lifetime, and though tooth loss happens often, it isn’t natural. Luckily, tooth loss is largely preventable with proper oral hygiene and regular dental maintenance. Accidental tooth loss, such as from a traumatic injury, may not be preventable, but Dr. Loukas can help you restore lost teeth with lifelike replacements.

2.) Gum disease—As a progressive illness, gum disease gradually destroys the gums and jawbone that support your teeth. Unfortunately, many cases of gum disease are not detected and treated until significant damage has been done, and tooth loss often occurs as a result of the destruction of your smile’s foundation.

3.) Bruxism—The official name for habitual teeth-grinding, bruxism can excessively wear down your teeth and lead to TMJ disorder. While it can exacerbate the destruction of your tooth, bruxism isn’t usually a direct result of tooth loss.

4.) TrueDental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone to replace lost tooth roots. In fact, they’re the only option that replaces your tooth roots, and as such, dental implants offer the most secure base to anchor your new replacement teeth.

Learn More About Tooth Loss from Your Park Ridge Implant Dentists

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