A Compelling Connection Between Alcohol and Dental Health

AlcoholBottlesIf you are a beer drinker, is there anything more delicious on a hot summer day?  How about a tropical vacation, sipping some delicious sweet concoction out of a hollowed out coconut? Or maybe you are one who likes sipping delicious wine in the evening after a long day.  About 44% of American adults enjoy at least one alcoholic beverage each month. If you don’t have a problem controlling your alcohol intake, it is believed that moderate consumption of alcohol can even be healthy for your heart. However for the nearly 14 million people who abuse alcohol, the health dangers  can span your entire body, including your teeth.

Can Alcohol Hurt Your Mouth?

Just as any health condition related to alcohol, the simple answer lies in how well you moderate consumption. Of people who abuse alcohol intake, roughly 80% have some degree of gum disease and tooth decay. About 33% present have mouth lesions which could signify signs of oral cancer. Unlike the rest of your body, there is no dilution when alcohol hits your mouth. The ethanol in alcohol can make your oral tissue more susceptible to cancer. Gum recession is a third possibility of dental damage from too much alcohol exposure.

If Moderation Isn’t Possible, Consider Seeking Help

Alcoholism is a serious illness which can affect all aspects of your life from personal to professional. If you find that your alcohol consumption is out of control, you should consider the effects that this has on your health, including your mouth. Having the ability to heal swiftly from dental procedures can be diminished from alcoholism. Finally, alcohol damages your salivary glands and can cause chronic dry mouth. Without proper saliva production, you are more susceptible to bad breath and tooth decay.

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