The Important Role of your Dental Hygienist

Happy Family OutdoorsWho do you spend the most time with when you go to the dentist for a biannual checkup? Preventive dentistry includes cleanings and dental exams. You are encouraged to keep up with these visits every six months. A dentist is trained to look for problems with your teeth and gums. They are qualified to recommend a path of treatment if dental work is necessary, and to screen you for oral cancer. However, dental cleanings fall on the shoulders of your dental hygienist who is a highly trained and licensed dental professional.

Hygienist History

Dr. Alfred Fones was the first person who saw a need for a change in structure of preventive dentistry. Back in 1906, Dr. Fones hired his cousin, Irene Newman, and trained her to clean plaque and tartar deposits off of faux teeth. Ms. Newman became known as the first dental hygienist in U.S. history. Dr. Fones’s training method for his cousin involved mounting extracted teeth from his dental practice onto a board with a modeling compound. By slathering the teeth with plaster to simulate hardened plaque (also known as tartar) Ms. Newman learned how to clean teeth safely and efficiently. Irene Newman ended up being the very first recipient of a dental hygienist license, awarded to her from the Connecticut Dental Hygienists Association.

Modern Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists in the modern age undergo much less primitive training. Their education is extensive. Prospective hygienists will not receive licensure unless they pass a challenging test. The biggest element of a hygienist’s job is to assist the Drs. Loukas in promoting dental health for you. A dental hygienist’s general duties include preparing the treatment room for patients, x-rays, charting, examination for cavities, dental cleanings, identifying dental issues, and assisting the dentist with dental procedures. Hygienists are also trained to educate you on good oral hygiene practices so you can take excellent care of your teeth and gums between visits. Dental hygienists are a pivotal part of any dentist office worthy of providing you with care.

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