Dental Checkups Can Save Your Teeth


Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, have extensive experience restoring smiles. If you have suffered from tooth loss (whether it’s one tooth or many) your smile is not a lost cause. You can enjoy the thrill of a full and fully-functioning smile thanks to innovations such as high quality bridges, dentures and dental implants. Still, prevention of tooth loss in the first place is the best method for preserving your smile. Attending your six-month oral examinations can help detect and halt the dental diseases which endanger your teeth.

So Many Variables

Most people are aware that brushing and flossing their teeth at least twice a day is essential to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. However, fewer people adhere as diligently to their scheduled dental checkups and cleanings, even though the American Dental Association (ADA) advises you to attend at least one every six months (or more often if your oral health is high risk).

Don’t Forget Six Month Checkups

Your toothbrush and floss are essential, but they’re only so powerful, and as a human, you’re bound to miss buildup of plaque and tartar. When you do, the sticky substance can calcify (harden) on your teeth and along your gum line, making it impossible for your toothbrush and floss to remove it. As plaque hardens, the biofilm can better protect the bacteria within it. These germs are the main instigators in the processes which cause tooth decay and gum disease. At your dental checkup and cleaning, a skilled hygienist will thoroughly remove all traces of plaque, tartar, and harmful oral bacteria, as well as perform a comprehensive oral examination to detect early signs of disease. By detecting and treating issues early, you can prevent your smile from falling victim to dental disease and possible tooth loss.

Visit your Park Ridge Dentists

Unfortunately, sometimes tooth loss is inevitable, in which case replacing your lost tooth becomes the top priority. If you’ve suffered tooth loss, speak with Dr. Loukas about your eligibility for dental implants, the only replacement option that restores your entire tooth structure. You can schedule an appointment with your Park Ridge implant dentists by calling Loukas General Dentistry at (847) 696-1919. Located in the 60068 area, we proudly serve patients from Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicago communities.