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Can Loose Permanent Teeth Be Save?

Your natural, healthy teeth consist of two main parts: the crown (top part) which is the only visible part of a tooth above the gumline. Under the gumline, roots continue, embedded in a socket within your jawbone along with other nerves and tissues. This is known as dental pulp. Roots offer your teeth the structural… Read more »

Loose Teeth in Adults: How to Deal

The consequences of lost permanent teeth are obvious from a cosmetic standpoint. There are also future oral health implications of dragging your feet on replacement of an adult tooth. Prevention is the best method of smile maintenance, and is best achieved when you are vigilant against the warning signs of dental despair. Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and… Read more »

Do you Still Need Cleanings with Dental Implants?

The beauty of implants is that they’re designed to mimic your tooth’s entire structure, down to the roots. With such a close comparison to natural teeth, you may find yourself wondering if dental implants require checkups and cleanings like natural teeth. Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, take pride in restoring the smiles… Read more »

Chewing and Choosing the Best Possible Dental Health

The obvious importance of being able to properly chew your food is the ability to digest your nourishment safely and easily. However, there are other reasons you should maintain your chewing ability which may not seem related to eating at all. Your mouth is a very complex biological machine with various parts designed to interact with each other… Read more »

Personal Training for Strong Teeth

Given the fact that your oral health depends on proper oral hygiene as well as attending six month dental checkups and cleanings, you might understandably assume that your teeth are largely defenseless against whatever could afflict them. The truth, however, is that dental hygiene is designed to maintain your teeth’s natural defenses, which are formidable when they’re… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Impervious to Dental Diseases?

Dental implants serve as prosthetic tooth roots. Innovative  implants make your new replacement teeth (usually porcelain crowns) feel as sturdy and comfortable as natural teeth, Dental implants restore the root stimulation which helps keep your jawbone well-nourished. However, simply having implants posts surgically implanted into your jaw does not guarantee continued good health. Much like your… Read more »

Taking Steps to Prevent Adult Tooth Loss

Park Ridge dentists, Drs. Maria and Thanasi Loukas have witnessed many patients dealing with the trials which tooth loss causes. Fortunately, losing permanent teeth isn’t natural or inevitable as you age. You can easily prevent tooth loss with proper dental self-care and regular checkups. Though adult teeth can be lost for a number of reasons… Read more »

Dental Checkups Can Save Your Teeth

  Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, have extensive experience restoring smiles. If you have suffered from tooth loss (whether it’s one tooth or many) your smile is not a lost cause. You can enjoy the thrill of a full and fully-functioning smile thanks to innovations such as high quality bridges, dentures… Read more »