Dental Fractures Cause by Chewing Ice

IceCubesIt’s probably pretty hot in your neck of the woods, and will be for at least another month or two. However, with all of those back to school sales and many districts starting early in August, if you have kids, you may feel like fall is swiftly approaching. Don’t pull out the winter coats just yet, and keep the cold drinks coming, however. If your warm weather cool off routine includes chewing on ice from cold beverages, you may want to rethink this detrimental habit. Chewing ice can cause serious damage to your teeth.

A Cold Way to Wear Down Enamel

Your body is smart enough to equip your precious teeth with a protective outer shell called tooth enamel. The enamel on your teeth is the second hardest substance on earth, right behind diamonds. Enamel is the strongest material in your body, with good reason. Your teeth withstand a lot of activity. Exposed to acids and bacteria on a regular basis, enamel can become worn away. Good oral hygiene helps keep enamel strong, but if there are areas of weakness, chewing something which is harder than what your teeth are equipped for can lead to serious damage.

Ice Can Cause Tooth Fractures

Cracks, chips, and fracture lines are common amongst regular ice chewers. When enamel is weakened from all of that ice chewing, it just takes one good crunch to create a big problem in your mouth. Chips and cracks can require cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding to restore a patient’s smile. If fractures go deep enough, tooth decay is given a direct pathway to the roots of the teeth. Fillings, crowns, or root canal procedures are often necessary in these cases.

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