Meet your Beautiful Teeth

Brush Teeth Close UpNaturally, dentists are very fond of teeth. They are fascinating things if you take the time to learn about them. The average person focuses mostly on the part you see, which is the dentin covered by enamel. But understanding all of the parts of your teeth and how they work together to provide you with a beautiful healthy smile might make you appreciate teeth just as much as a dentist does. Park Ridge dentistsDr. Thanasi and Dr. Maria Loukas, will describe the three main parts of your teeth – what can be seen and what lies beneath the gumline.

Dental Pulp Below the Gums

We’ll start with your dental pulp which shouldn’t ever be exposed in an ideal mouth. Sealed tightly by healthy gums, the pulp consists of connective tissues and cells known as odontoblasts. New dentin can be formed, thanks to odontoblasts. If you succumb to tooth decay or any dental injuries, this can come in handy. The nerves in your dental pulp act as an important signaling system, transmitting the pain to your brain if there is anything wrong with any of the parts of your teeth.

Dentists Hope for Healthy Dentin

Dentin is mainly comprised of minerals, and is porous. Covered in translucent tooth enamel is, dentin makes up the bulk of your teeth, and dictates what color they will appear to be. Within the dentin are microscopic tubules which extend all the way to the roots, conveying the sensations of extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) to those nerves within the pulp. People with unhealthy enamel, or who are born (in rare cases) without any enamel, will tend to have much more tooth sensitivity because of dentin exposure.

Tooth Enamel: Teeth’s Suit of Armor

Do you know what the hardest substance on earth is? The answer is a diamond. That makes sense, but you may be surprised to find out that the second hardest substance in the entire world is enamel. In terms of compounds that your body produces, enamel is the very strongest. Covering the dentin all the way to the gumline, enamel is meant to protect dentin and pulp in a healthy mouth. Unfortunately, poor hygiene or injury can compromise this barrier leading to possible tooth decay, cracks, or chips.

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