Oral Surgery and Your Dental Health

little man riddle question markPark Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, are specially trained to handle complex dental situations, such as complicated tooth extractions and innovative tooth replacement with dental implants. Combining a wealth of experience with the latest innovative technology and procedures, we can help rebuild your smile to restore its health, beauty, and ability to function properly. Today, we quiz your knowledge of the scope of modern oral surgery, and why you should visit your dental specialists when your smile is in dire need of restoration.

Oral Surgery—True/False

1.) All wisdom teeth require extraction.

False—Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last four of 32 teeth to grow in an adult mouth. By the time they erupt, dental ridges are often already full, with little room to spare for more teeth. The limited space can result in crowding, causing the wisdom tooth to push up against existing molars and become impacted (not fully erupted from the gum line). Wisdom teeth are frequently extracted to relieve discomfort and the disturbance to healthy teeth, but many patients grow all four wisdom teeth without a problem, and may not require wisdom tooth extraction.

2.) If a tooth is damaged, it must be extracted.

False—Cracked and fractured teeth might require extraction and replacement if the damage reaches the tooth’s root, or if severe infection develops before it can be treated. Usually, however, a damaged tooth can be cleaned (sometimes with root canal therapy) and fortified for future use with a dental crown.

3.) Placing dental implants requires more training and experience than a general dentist provides.

TrueDental implants are surgically-inserted into the jawbone to replace the roots of lost teeth. For implant replacements to be successful, they must be placed in a precise position and at a precise angle to absorb the pressures of biting and chewing. Most general dentists don’t possess the additional training and experience required to qualify in dental implant placement, and will refer patients to a specialist or oral surgeon for the surgical procedure.

About Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas:

Whether you wish to protect your smile from dental disease and damage, or restore your smile after suffering tooth loss, we can help you regain your oral health and confidence through a new and improved smile. Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas are highly-skilled restorative and cosmetic dentists serving the Park Ridge and surrounding Chicago communities. To schedule an appointment, call Loukas General Dentistry today at (847) 696-1919.

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