Personal Training for Strong Teeth

Strong CrownGiven the fact that your oral health depends on proper oral hygiene as well as attending six month dental checkups and cleanings, you might understandably assume that your teeth are largely defenseless against whatever could afflict them. The truth, however, is that dental hygiene is designed to maintain your teeth’s natural defenses, which are formidable when they’re healthy and strong. In fact, the enamel that surrounds your teeth is the strongest substance that your body produces, though it is subject to acid erosion that can threaten its integrity in the face of inadequate dental self-care. Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Thanasi Loukas, explain how your teeth can be at once super strong, yet extremely vulnerable. Fortunately, there are ways to  maximize your teeth’s defenses for optimal dental health.

Elements of Healthy Teeth

You may confuse teeth with bone, believing they’re one and the same type of anatmony. Though wrong, the confusion may stem from the fact that teeth and bone are similar in a number of key compounds. Much like bone, your teeth are comprised of minerals, and the enamel which surrounds them is comprised almost entirely of calcium and phosphate (with a little fluoride thrown into the mix). Unlike bone, however, your teeth cannot repair/rebuild themselves when compromised.

Feed your Teeth a Health Diet

When oral bacteria consume sucrose, the germs produce acid that weakens your enamel and depletes your teeth of the vitamins and minerals it needs. To keep your teeth strong, you must maintain an adequate influx of calcium,  consumed in your diet. Drinking fluoridated water, using fluoride toothpaste, or undergoing fluoride treatment through  Drs. Loukas and Loukas can also help strengthen your tooth enamel whenever it’s in danger and needs a quick boost.

If You Lose a Tooth, Visit Your Park Ridge Implant Dentists Immediately

Unfortunately, no defense is perfect, and in spite of your best efforts and utmost care, accidental trauma or advanced disease may still claim one or more of your teeth. If so, then speak with Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas as soon as possible about your options for replacing them. To learn more about keeping your teeth strong, or to learn about replacing lost teeth with one or more dental implants, schedule an appointment with your Park Ridge implant dentists by calling Loukas General Dentistry at (847) 696-1919. Located in the 60068 area, we proudly serve patients from Park Ridge and the surrounding Chicago communities.