Test Your Knowledge of Gum Disease

little man reclining on question markGum disease isn’t the most common dental disease (that accolade belongs to tooth decay). It isn’t particularly difficult to prevent or treat, either. On the contrary, the main reason gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss is that people neglect, or fail to realize, the warning signs. By the time many patients notice that there’s a problem and seek treatment, gum disease has already had time to undermine the support for some of their teeth. Rather than wait until you have no choice but to seek treatment, you can learn a few important things about gum disease by taking our short quiz.

T/F Gum Disease Quiz

Gum disease is actually a bacterial infection caused by poor hygiene.

True—The sticky film that clings to your teeth now and then, called dental plaque, is a byproduct of the bacteria that inhabit your mouth. There are over 600 different kinds of oral bacteria, and a few in particular are known for nestling underneath gum tissue, inciting rampant inflammation in the process.

There’s more than one kind of gum disease.

True—As a progressive infection, gum disease is classified by its severity. When your gums are first infected, the condition is known as gingivitis, and can usually be reversed with a periodontal cleaning to remove the bacteria from under your gums. As it progresses, gum disease can irreversibly damage your gums and the jawbone underneath, and in its most severe form (periodontitis), the infection can cause you to lose one or more teeth.

Teeth lost to gum disease can’t be replaced, because the gums and jawbone are diseased.

False—If you lose one or more teeth to severe gum disease, then the first step to recovery is to treat the infection by removing bacteria from underneath your gums. In some cases, a surgical graft may be necessary to replace necrotic gum tissue. Once your oral health is restored, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas can replace your lost teeth with an appropriate number of dental implants.

About Your Park Ridge Implant Dentists:

Though we can rebuild your smile if it’s compromised by cavities, gum disease, or tooth loss, preventing such issues with improved dental hygiene can help you avoid the need for complex restorative treatment. Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas are highly-skilled general, restorative, and implant dentists serving the Park Ridge and surrounding Chicago communities. To schedule an appointment, call Loukas General Dentistry today at (847) 696-1919.

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