Park Ridge Implant Dentists Discuss the Dangers of Dry Mouth

last drop thirstyDryness is a common oral affliction, especially when it’s hot and you’re thirsty. In most cases, mild dry mouth doesn’t indicate anything more serious than thirst; however, sometimes excessive dryness can indicate an underlying problem, and if not treated, it can increase your risk for nearly every dental disease. Your Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, explain the phenomenon of chronic dry mouth, called xerostomia, and how to treat the issue before it can facilitate the development of destructive dental diseases.

The Importance of Your Saliva

Saliva is one of your mouth’s most significant natural defenses. Comprised of over 99% water, saliva keeps the soft tissues of your oral cavity moisturized, rinsing your mouth of bacteria and food debris. A healthy saliva flow can also help neutralize much of the acid that oral bacteria produce after consuming sugar and carbs. Over time, this acid depletes minerals from your teeth and weakens your tooth enamel, paving the way for tooth decay. When your mouth suffers from insufficient or total lack of saliva, bacteria can accumulate en masse and the acid they produce can quickly overtake your teeth.

Defeating Dry Mouth

There are a number of possible reasons behind chronic dry mouth, including dehydration, damaged salivary glands, certain illnesses, and some medications. To find relief from the discomfort and protect your oral health from the dryness, determining and treating the reason behind it may be your only chance. For instance, treating an underlying illness or speaking with your physician to change your medication can help resolve dry mouth, and Dr. Loukas may prescribe additional treatment to strengthen your mouth’s protection.

Learn More About Dry Mouth from Your Park Ridge Implant Dentists

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