What is a Dental Bridge?

dental bridge modelA dental bridge’s purpose is just as it sounds; it connects two teeth by spanning the empty space between them, caused by one or more missing teeth. As one of the most popular dental restorations available today, the dental bridge has helped countless patients regain the ability to bite and chew properly, and smile with pride even after losing teeth. What’s the importance of a dental bridge? To answer that question, you have to understand the consequences of losing a tooth, beyond the visual aspects of a gapped smile.

The Teeth You’ve Lost

Although your eyes can see the gaps of your missing teeth, your remaining teeth truly feel the loss as they’re forced to absorb additional pressure from your bite. To operate more efficiently, your teeth may shift towards the empty space, making them more vulnerable to damage and disease and throwing your bite further off-balance. A dental bridge helps prevent your teeth from migrating and restore your bite’s balance by replacing the tooth or teeth you’ve lost.

Dental Bridge Construction

To stay in place, a bridge relies on the teeth adjacent to your missing ones. The dental prosthetic consists of one or more replacement teeth with a dental crown on either end. The crowns are attached to the adjacent teeth, or abutment teeth, to support the replacement teeth between them. Because they’re bonded to your natural teeth, dental bridges are considered a permanent restoration.

Is There an Alternative?

Though conventional dental bridges are a highly-effective means for replacing lost teeth, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas often recommend supporting your replacement teeth on one or more dental implants. The prosthetic root devices, made from biocompatible titanium, are surgically inserted into your jawbone where your teeth once were. After about 4-6 months, when your jawbone heals and fuses to their surfaces, the implants can support your dental bridge the way your roots support your teeth. With dental implants, your bridge can restore your smile without disturbing your surrounding healthy tooth structure.

About Your Park Ridge Dentists:

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