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More Tips to Bust Bad Breath

Last month, we explained how you can usually cure bad breath, or halitosis, by practicing good hygiene and visiting your dentist’s office regularly. Unfortunately for some people, extra attention at the bathroom sink might not help much, especially if they’re not careful with their dental health away from the sink. To help you keep your… Read more »

Can Adults Get Braces?

When considering orthodontics, it is important to keep in mind that there are no age-restrictions. When you hear about braces, you may think back to elementary or middle school, when everyone was still developing their permanent teeth and may have required orthodontic treatment to keep them straight. However, braces are not just for children and… Read more »

How Dental Implants Revolutionized Tooth Replacement

Although there are numerous options for replacing lost teeth, only dental implants can replace the tooth roots that once rested in your jawbone. Replacing the top parts of your teeth, or crowns, can restore your ability to bite, chew, and enunciate your words, as well as restore your smile’s beautiful, healthy appearance. By rebuilding the… Read more »

A General Understanding of Tooth Extraction

Ideally, good hygiene and prompt dental care, when needed, could help you retain all of your healthy, permanent teeth for life. Even if you have to extract your four wisdom teeth, the remaining 28 teeth can function perfectly well, provided they don’t become excessively diseased or damaged. Still, very few people enjoy ideal dental health… Read more »

Three Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Metal Fillings

Although their popularity has largely given way for improved, tooth-colored composite resin, metal fillings still hold a significant place in restorative dentistry. For instance, teeth that absorb the most pressure from your bite, like molars, might require a durable metal filling instead of a softer resin one. Still, many patients have amalgam in teeth that… Read more »