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Oral Health Tips for Teenagers’ Teeth

School’s out, and Park Ridge teens are on a mission to make this their best summer yet. Most haven’t given much thought to the upcoming school year, save for the excitement of prom, graduation, and social functions. During these years, it’s essential to maintain excellent oral health. At Park Ridge Dental, Dr. Loukas understands the… Read more »

Busting Bad Breath at Park Ridge Dental

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is one of the most embarrassing oral health issues. The good news? It’s also preventable! The key to preventing and treating bad breath begins with oral hygiene and regular dental exams. Healthy, clean teeth and gums are less hospitable to bacteria and other smelly substances found within your mouth…. Read more »

Vitamins For Healthy Teeth And Gums

You don’t always get the right amount of proper vitamins and nutrients from what you eat. That’s why sometimes your doctor suggests you take vitamins, to help keep your body healthy. But what about your teeth? Do you ever hear your dentist suggest vitamins for healthy teeth? Maybe not, but there are certain vitamins that… Read more »

Why Your Toothbrush Matters

Did you know that 600 different kinds of microorganisms have been identified in any one person’s mouth? Did you also know that these bacteria are harmless unless the correct environmental influence allows them to thrive causing infection and decay? Your oral health habits at home remain vital to maintaining a clean, healthy mouth.

Educating your Children for Optimal Dental Health

Most parents have high hopes for a lifetime of positive experiences for their children, even with something as simple as dental checkups. Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Thanasi Loukas and Dr. Maria Loukas, are dedicated to offering the best care for your entire family. We understand children and are happy to offer friendly, pleasant dentistry to our… Read more »