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Loose Teeth in Adults: How to Deal

The consequences of lost permanent teeth are obvious from a cosmetic standpoint. There are also future oral health implications of dragging your feet on replacement of an adult tooth. Prevention is the best method of smile maintenance, and is best achieved when you are vigilant against the warning signs of dental despair. Park Ridge dentists, Dr. Maria and… Read more »

Do you Still Need Cleanings with Dental Implants?

The beauty of implants is that they’re designed to mimic your tooth’s entire structure, down to the roots. With such a close comparison to natural teeth, you may find yourself wondering if dental implants require checkups and cleanings like natural teeth. Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, take pride in restoring the smiles… Read more »

True or False: Bad Breath Can Ruin your Date

Saliva is the clear, watery liquid in our mouths which we don’t generally wish to think about. You may be surprised to know that saliva plays a rather important role in your dental health. Saliva is a soldier inside your mouth, waging battle against bad breath, dry mouth, and bacteria. Did you know that saliva is constantly battling against the germs which cause bad breath? Park… Read more »

Glucose and Your Gums: A Diabetic’s Guide to Periodontal Disease

It’s common knowledge that diabetes is linked to such medical complications as renal failure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Less common is an understanding of the oral health implications of diabetes, specifically, the increased risk for gum disease. Dr. Thanasi Loukas discusses symptoms and consequences of bleeding gums in Park Ridge, IL and what it means… Read more »

Can you Prevent Tooth Loss?

Overall, the rate of tooth loss in America has gradually declined since the 1940s. Your teeth are essential to quality of life: eating, speaking, and maintaining the integrity of your facial features. You only get one set of permanent teeth. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, and since you don’t grow replacements, anything… Read more »