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Paying Homage to a Classic

Dental crowns are among the oldest and most trusted dental restorations around today. The first crowns appeared almost 2,000 years ago, and were crafted from gold by the wealthy Etruscans, who inhabited the hills of ancient Italy. Throughout history, other metals became popular, including silver and platinum, and today’s crowns are typically made from lifelike… Read more »

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth, and Why You Should

Think your occasional teeth-grinding habit is harmless? Think again. Though healthy teeth are completely surrounded by highly-resistant tooth enamel, the protective layer is only strong enough to take so much abuse. Grinding them together can wear down your enamel, change the shape of your teeth’s surfaces, and lead to a host of subsequent, and potentially… Read more »

What Does Jaw Pain Mean?

Do you notice a clicking or popping noise when you open and close your jaw? Is the sound accompanied by pain and difficult movement? TMJ disorder, an inclusive term for conditions that affect your jaw’s joints and muscles, can often be more subtle than a toothache. Nevertheless, it often generates varying levels of jaw pain… Read more »

How Do You Treat Gum Disease?

Knowing the dangers of gum disease, you might be more inclined to seek treatment if it develops; but what does that treatment entail? Gum disease is an infection involving bacteria nestled between your gums and teeth. As a result, your gums become inflamed and separate from your teeth, destroying your gums and the underlying jawbone… Read more »

The Social Complexities of Smiling

In any language, a smile is a generally understood symbol of mirth, gladness, and friendship. As a language in its own right, however, smiling indicates much more than just joy. Your smile is a subtle, yet powerful, social tool that conveys specific messages your words simply can’t express. From trust to confidence, the complexities of… Read more »

Are Teeth the Same as Bones?

They’re incredibly strong, and they contain many of the same minerals, but contrary to popular belief, your teeth are not identical to your bones. Though strikingly similar in many respects, your teeth are located in your mouth, while your bones are inside of your body. One of the more vital differences is that, unlike your… Read more »

Endodontic Treatment, Before It’s Too Late

Endodontic treatment, or treating/removing the infected tissues from the center of your tooth, might be the last resort for saving your severely damaged or infected tooth. Known as the pulp, the mass of nerves and blood vessels underneath your tooth’s outer layers connects to your teeth’s roots, which extend underneath your gums and into your… Read more »

Oral Surgery and Your Dental Health

Park Ridge implant dentists, Dr. Maria and Dr. Thanasi Loukas, are specially trained to handle complex dental situations, such as complicated tooth extractions and innovative tooth replacement with dental implants. Combining a wealth of experience with the latest innovative technology and procedures, we can help rebuild your smile to restore its health, beauty, and ability… Read more »