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Smile for a Better Quality of Life

A smile is universal. Regardless of cultural background, most people understand a smile to be a positive expression. After all, people rarely smile to express that things are going terrible in their lives. You might not realize, however, that smiling can do more than exude happiness. A confident smile can have a number of benefits… Read more »

More Tips to Bust Bad Breath

Last month, we explained how you can usually cure bad breath, or halitosis, by practicing good hygiene and visiting your dentist’s office regularly. Unfortunately for some people, extra attention at the bathroom sink might not help much, especially if they’re not careful with their dental health away from the sink. To help you keep your… Read more »

Tooth Extraction

Do you ever wonder why, with all the dental technology today, you may still need to have a tooth extracted? Sometimes to maintain good dental and overall health, extraction is the treatment of choice. If tooth decay reaches into the pulp of the tooth, the bacteria causing the decay may also cause infection. The pulp… Read more »

Vitamins For Healthy Teeth And Gums

You don’t always get the right amount of proper vitamins and nutrients from what you eat. That’s why sometimes your doctor suggests you take vitamins, to help keep your body healthy. But what about your teeth? Do you ever hear your dentist suggest vitamins for healthy teeth? Maybe not, but there are certain vitamins that… Read more »

A General Understanding of Tooth Extraction

Ideally, good hygiene and prompt dental care, when needed, could help you retain all of your healthy, permanent teeth for life. Even if you have to extract your four wisdom teeth, the remaining 28 teeth can function perfectly well, provided they don’t become excessively diseased or damaged. Still, very few people enjoy ideal dental health… Read more »